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Thanks for Stopping by Our Annual 
in Lemont

Help Us Fight Muscular Dystrophy


Thank You for Attending this Years 16th Annual Golf Outing at Ruffled Feathers Golf Club

All Proceeds went to the
AFFI Warrior Program

        Lemont Local 3966 along with the Lemont FPD Supports Our Troops. Their dedication to support and defend our freedoms is the life blood of this Great Country. This years outing is dedicated to support those who have made the sacrifice. We are raising funds to help the AFFI Warrior Program to support a local Warrior who has served their country, have been wounded in action, now home, and lives with the reminder everyday that he/she has sacrificed for his/her country. We want to help him/her by trying to make his/ her life a little easier.

The AFFI Warrior Program was started in 2010 by Chicago Fire Fighters Local 2 in an effort to help our wounded soldiers in Illinois. This program has raised enough money to give away numerous vehicles to severely wounded heroes and plans on presenting more vehicles. The AFFI Warrior Program is also setting their sites on some smaller projects like helping the families of our wounded build new ramps on their homes or help retrofit homes with wider doors. They are also networking with the Warrior Dive Project and Bravehearts people to get our soldiers out SCUBA diving and horseback riding. The AFFI Warrior Program is an IRS recognized 501C3.


              Thank You for Supporting Our St. Baldrick's Event

       Over $17,000 Was Raised to Help Cure Childhood Cancer


Help Save Public Employee Pensions

Firefighters, teachers, police, disability caregivers and other public employees are in danger of losing the pensions they have contributed to throughout their years of service. Instead of working toward real reform, Politicians are shifting the blame to the men and women that work to keep us safe, teach our children, and provide other essential services. Please join us now to protect the life savings public workers pay into and earn! 

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